A plumbing emergency is an unpleasant experience. When issues arise, it’s important to resolve them easily and quickly. If you’re in the Pacifica area and need professional plumbing services, you’ll want someone who’s prompt, reliable, and reputable. All too often, local homeowners are overcharged for subpar service from low-rate plumbers. When choosing a plumbing contractor, ask the following questions and carefully consider their answers.

What’s Going On?

Before making the call, assess the issue. Is the dishwasher leaking, or is the drain backed up? Has a pipe ruptured, or is there a foul odor in the pipes? The more you can tell the plumber, the more accurate the quote will be. With knowledge of what to expect, your plumber may be able to bring everything they need to do the job right the first time around.

Is it Necessary to Hire a Plumber?

Not all plumbing problems are hard to solve; some can be fixed without professional help. Leaky pipes and clogged drains can sometimes be repaired with simple tools such as wrenches, plungers, and pipe snakes. However, when things get too tough to tackle, give Works Plumbing a call.

Are You Licensed?

References from friends, family, and neighbors are a great way to find a Pacifica plumber, but that’s only the beginning. One of the most important things to know is whether the plumber has a current license. While an unlicensed plumber may know how to do the job, they (and you) aren’t protected when it all goes wrong. California’s plumbers must register with the state and comply with local safety and building codes. Furthermore, they know Pacifica’s home inspection rules, so the work will always be up to par.

Who Are You?

When you are working with a bigger company, it’s likely that the person you talk to on the phone won’t be the one who does the job. If that is the case, be sure to find out who’s coming and ask to see their identification when they arrive. Don’t forget to ask for a license, experience, and credentials, as this information should be freely available. If the plumber can’t provide it, call someone else.

What’s Your Flat or Hourly Rate?

The most important step in obtaining an accurate estimate is to ask about the plumber’s service rates. These are either flat or hourly, depending on company policy or the level of service required. Flat rates are simple to assess and pose fewer risks to customers, while hourly rates are a bit more complex. It’s crucial to know what to expect before the job starts, or you may face some unexpected and expensive surprises when it’s time to pay.

When Will I Pay?

When you pay is just as important as the amount to be paid. If a plumber insists on full, upfront payment, take your business elsewhere. At the least, payment shouldn’t be due until the job is done. In most cases, deposits are made after an initial visit and the remainder is paid within a set timeframe. Not all companies work the same way; be sure to ask about your Pacifica plumber’s billing methods before hiring.

Is a Warranty Available?

Finally, ask the plumber about the company’s warranty coverage. If something breaks or a problem reoccurs, it’s important to be protected. Some offers seem much too good to be true, because they usually are, and some companies offer no coverage at all. Be sure to review the warranty paperwork carefully before signing a contract and choose a company that stands behind the work it does. We offer warranties on parts and labor, and we invite you to call us for more details.

Avoiding the High Cost of Plumbing Repairs

The easiest way to minimize high plumbing expenses is to limit the scope of the work to be done. Consolidate multiple issues into a single project. For example, a drain that clogs regularly points to deeper and more systemic issues. Often, fixing problems as they occur is more expensive than addressing them all at the same time. Additionally, frequent maintenance and inspections will reduce the risk of big problems.

Give Us a Call

When plumbing problems arise in your Pacifica home, do not panic. While finding a reputable and reliable plumber isn’t always the simplest job, finding the answers to the above questions can make the process a little more manageable. Once you’ve found the right plumber, you can rest assured that you’ll get the experienced and trustworthy service you deserve. For help with plumbing repair, gas leaks, water heater repairs, drain cleaning, and other issues, call or click today.

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