Leak Detection & Repair Services

    Leak Detection Services in El Granada, CAWorks Plumbing is your complete leak detection & repair expert, irrespective of whether you suspect water, sewer, or gas leak. Our plumbing experts can quickly and efficiently find leaks with state-of-the-art leak detection equipment and technology. You should not wait before significant harm is done if you suspect a leak. Work proactively with Works Plumbing, the best leak detection team in the industry. We confidently guarantee our customers that they will be free from a variety of home or business leaks.

    You may have a water leak in your home or office building when you notice one of the following:
    • High water bills
    • Proof of damage to water
    • The water meter flow indicator is ever moving
    • The toilet is always running

    Leaks in water or sewer pipes are not only underground but may be located within walls and layers. These leaks can spiral out of control quickly and lead to major structural problems, properties, and health problems if ignored.

    How do leak detection work?

    Leak Repairs in El Granada, CALeak detection systems work by monitoring the flow of water through either an ultrasound or a mechanical turbine. Such leak detection systems track the pattern of the water flow by either counting or recording the gallonage passing through the sensor. The presence of moisture is often isolated from other detectors of leaks. If moisture enters the surfaces, a mechanical valve is triggered, which will block water flow when such leak detection systems senses. Moisture sensing detectors are best suited for point-of-use applications that are under-sink. Leak detection devices all over the house continue to monitor the use of water to prevent potential leakage. At Works Plumbing, we guarantee 100% clients satisfaction for your leak repair.

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    We are specialized in a variety of leak detection services from the test of humidity and pressure through to fiber optic borescopes at Works Plumbing. Our Leak Detection experts use audio and video water leak detection inspection that allows us to detect leaks or leaks without damaging your walls or your floors. Our plumbers are qualified to use advanced leak detection technology. We will find your leak and repair your leak on the site. We are so sure of our services. Call us for more information on our leak detection services today.


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