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    There are several options to choose from when it comes to repairing clogged drains your residential plumbing pipes. Plumbing snakes (or plumbing augers) and hydro jetting are the current industry standard for plumbers.

    Hydro Jetting Services in Atherton, CABlockages can lead to clogged drains and contaminated water supply in sewer lines or plumbing systems. A plumbing snake, while still functional, is becoming a secondary option with today’s popularity of hydro jetting. In a nutshell, hydro jetting is a more creative approach to clearing out clogged drains.

    But different types of clogs, however, involves a specific technique. Our expert Works Plumbing plumbers have the experience and the tools to determine which method will work best for you. During our hydro jetting plumbing service, water at extremely high pressure is used to scour the internal surfaces of pipes. The water helps to dissolve grease, weight, and any other debris that might have been building up inside the water pipe walls over time. Our hydro jetting plumbing system brings a thorough cleaning to the pipes’ interior.

    Hydro jetting is a plumbing service that cleans out sluggish or obstructed sewage pipes. Keeping your plumbing pipes clean and free of clogs is essential. When you start to notice that the drains and sewer lines aren’t working as well as they used to, the best thing is to call a specialist to investigate the problem and recommend solutions. They could recommend hydro jetting the plumbing line or, as mentioned earlier, recommend the most common way (and most traditional way), an old fashioned drain snaking. But instead of sticking a snake tool down the drain, hydro jetting uses a high-pressure hose with a specialized nozzle that produces enough force to clear the clogged drain. It puts more power behind the process.

    Hydro jetting systems use approximately 35,000 pounds per square inch of water pressure which clears up those clogs real good. Our Works Plumbing plumber can also perform a video inspection to accurately determine the cause and location of the problem. A self-propelled nozzle is fed into the pipe or drain after the inspection. It will then blast water into the pipe causing immediate high pressure drain cleaning to eliminate the build-up and blockages.A plumbing camera inspection is often required to minimize the risk of a sewage back-flow. Often times, we see tree roots building up inside sewer line. If a tree root is causing the clog, then a snake is often first used to break up the roots, especially those heavy, thick, roots that the water pressure just can’t catch. But rest assured that once those tree roots are out of the way, our Works Plumbing hydro jetting service will finish the job.

    One thing a hydro jetting service will not resolve, however, is a broken pipe. If we spot a crack or a leak then the water, blasted at high-pressures, could cause even more damage. That’s why the process identifying the problem, and injecting the right amount of high pressure water for the blocked or clogged pipes is vital. These are extreme circumstances and require an experienced plumber.

    A sewer line or drainage system traditionally uses gravity to eliminate the build-up and the blockage drain (everything flows downwards). But if you need to clear the clog from the bottom up, a hydro jetting tool is the perfect solution. The nozzle is placed into the downstream portion of the device, and the pressurized water moves upwards as it pierces through the pipes and unclogs debris in and around the interior.

    Absolutely, hydro jetting is one of the safest and most efficient alternative to conventional methods of pipe cleaning and unclogging a drain. Instead of fighting fire with fire, we are fighting water with water! If you are experiencing constant clogging in your pipes or blocked sewer lines, give us a call. Our licensed Works Plumbing technicians are super friendly and love showing you how hydro jetting works. It’s 100% safe. Hydro jetting is spectacular. It gets the job done. Plain and simple.

    Consistent cleaning – You get accurate and consistent cleaning of clogs with Hydro-Jetting. This method has the capability of clearing underground pipes without digging up your yard. The high-pressure water goes straight through the drain, removes and cleans the whole system full of clogs by moving water and sand from various angles to clean the plumbing lines completelyEconomic & Healthy Solution – Hydro-Jetting is the most economical and environmentally friendly plumbing evaluation method of all pipe cleaning and clearing alternatives. Just one pipe cleaning with this system can significantly delay any future clearing needs of the sewer line by up to four times longer than typical snake procedures for drain clogs, thereby reducing your long-term sewer service expenses. For hydro-Jet, the system is so robust that it will keep the pipes clean and unclogged the drain for many years, while conventional drain cleaning methods only need to be performed twice per year. This approach of plumbing services also does not require the use of toxic or even hazardous chemicals, which may be used by other methods to eliminate the clog.

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