Leak Detection ServicesContrary to what you may think, water leaks in your Daly City, CA home are a huge issue, which is why you need to seek out a plumber for leak detection if you have any reason to believe that your home has a hidden water leak. The problem with water leaks is that they can hide in a variety of places including the foundation of your home, the walls of your home, under flooring, and even in your ceiling fixtures. If you were to run your home through an X-ray machine you would see a vast plumbing system, which unfortunately has many different weak points. This is even more true if your Daly City home is older, which is why learning proper water leak detection is essential to preserving the safety of your home.

    Common Indications You Need a Daly City Plumber for Water Leak Detection

    Leak RepairsMost people start to suspect they may be dealing with a hidden leak like a slab leak when they see their water bill jump sky high. First you can check the usual culprits like your toilet or shower faucets, but if you can’t see any easy signs of leaks then it may be time to call in a professional plumber for help with water leak detection. Older homes in particular that still have their original plumbing system installed are the most susceptible to hidden leaks, which is why leak inspection is even more important if your home is over 25 years old. In addition, you should find a professional plumber to help you if you notice any of the common signs that you have water damage in your home such as peeling wallpaper, ceiling cracks, or foundation cracks. Water can cause a large amount of damage in a short amount of time, so leak detection is not something you want to play around with.

    If you ignore signs you need a leak inspection you may end up with:
    • Sagging ceilings
    • High water bills that continue to rise
    • Flood damage in your living areas
    • Foundation cracks and damage

    Timely Leak Inspection in Daly City

    If you believe that your home would benefit from leak inspection in Daly City, contact Works Plumbing today. Our local plumbing business has been operating in Daly City since 2009, and since that time has received hundreds of 5-star reviews because of our willingness to go the extra mile and keep our clients dry. In addition to leak detection and leak inspection services, we also offer a full suite of plumbing services all delivered by our licensed and experienced plumbers. We also offer full estimates before starting any plumbing repairs so that you can feel comfortable with every step of the process. There is a reason we were named the Best Plumber in Daly City by Expertise, because we always go to bat for our customers.

    If you are concerned that you have a leak in your home, call Works Plumbing today to schedule your leak detection service.