The laundry space is an incredibly functional room in every home. However, the exposed pipework, hoses, and cords attached to the room’s appliances can ruin the general look of the laundry space. Hiring an expert to hide the pipework and decorate your laundry area can be quite expensive. The good news is that you can conceal most of the ugly plumbing yourself without putting a dent in your wallet. Here are some easy ways to hide pipework, whether in your bathroom, basement ceiling, laundry room, or on your home’s exterior.

1. Building Shelves

Building shelving around or in front of your laundry pipework is one of the best ways to hide them from view. If you decide to build the shelves yourself, make them floor to ceiling. Also, create a cavity within the shelving to leave enough room for the pipework without eating up some extra floor space.

The best thing about this technique is that it’s inexpensive and pretty easy to do. Besides, you can also use the shelves to hold trinkets, photo frames, books, and any other thing that’ll completely distract people from noticing the plumbing behind it.

2. Using Wood Pipe Covers

Depending on the theme of your laundry area, you can use attractive wood pipe covers to conceal the room’s pipework. You can purchase wood pipe covers at your local craft store or online. Applying the wrapping is pretty easy, and you can also make the covering yourself. However, remember to measure the height, length, and width of your pipes correctly. That will help you ensure that the wrappings have enough space to cover your pipes entirely without touching them directly.

3. Adding Some Foliage

The other way to hide your laundry room’s pipework is by adding fake or real plants in the space. If the pipes run vertically or horizontally along the wall, you can consider adding some faux foliage wrapping around them to give the room an exotic look. However, if the pipes are near your floor, add several potted plants to the front area to keep the plumbing out of view.

4. Installing Sliding Doors

You can also conceal ugly pipework in your laundry space by installing wooden sliding doors. Panel doors easily slide open when you want to access your laundry room appliances. However, this custom project will require good carpentry skills, but you only need wood panels, a top-shelf, hardware, and tracking.

After installing the doors, you can consider adding stenciling to them or painting the panels using a coordinating color. Also, install some rubber stoppers on your laundry room walls to prevent the panels from denting or scraping the walls.

5. Boxing the Pipework in Paint and Wood

If you only have a single pipe that runs up the corner of your laundry room, you can box it in by putting a wooden frame all around it. This method is inexpensive, and all the cuts you need can be made at your local hardware store. Once you get the cuts, frame the pipe in, seal all the edges using caulk and allow it to dry.

You can later paint the new box a similar color to the room’s wall it’s against. Also, add trim to its top and bottom. This way, you will add some three-dimensional aspects to the laundry room, making it look attractive. While you are at it, consider utilizing a drywall alternative. That’s because it may inspire other great ideas when it comes to decorative value.

6. Using Wraparound Lighting

Exposed plumbing can present an excellent opportunity to add matchless décor to the laundry space. You can wrap strands of single or multi-colored lights around your laundry pipes to make the area look less bland and more appealing. Ensure you check the pipes before installing the lights to ensure they have no leak problems.

Wrapping up

Plumbing fixtures, particularly exposed pipes, can ruin the overall look of your laundry room. However, there are numerous ways to cover ugly plumbing in your laundry space. The most suitable solution will depend on your specific scenario. If you need an expert to conceal the pipework for you, you can contact a professional from Works Plumbing. Our team of dedicated plumbers will create a customized solution to hide all the pipes in your laundry space and make the room more appealing.

We also offer high-quality plumbing installations, upgrades, maintenance, repairs, and replacements to the residents of Pacifica, CA, and the surrounding areas. Our plumbing experts will go above and beyond to assist you with any plumbing need you have. Contact us now for timely and professional services that will give you an exceptional plumbing experience.

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