Keep your plumbing and drains in tiptop condition by scheduling regular drain cleaning in Daly City, CA with Works Plumbing. Just like an oil change for your car, drain cleaning should be considered as a crucial part of any decent home maintenance plan. The only difference is that there aren’t any ideal times to schedule a drain cleaning. You can schedule one whenever it appears that you might have a clogged drain or whenever you feel like you should get your drains professionally cleaned.

The benefits of drain cleaning services include better drainage, longer lasting plumbing and fewer plumbing repairs throughout the years. An obstruction or clog can corrode the plumbing. It can also severely restrict overall water flow, causing water pressure to increase. This can cause the pipes to burst in some severe situations, which means that you’ll have to deal with not only replacing that section of the plumbing but also water damage. It’ll be a huge nightmare and hassle!