Many homeowners are faced with the problem of low water pressure at one point or another. The issue is quite annoying since it lengthens the time it takes to fill water in your sink. It also affects your showerhead’s spray and increases the time your washing machine takes to run cycles. Therefore, if you experience low water pressure problems in your home, you should immediately contact an expert plumbing contractor. Keep reading to understand what might be the reason behind low water pressure in most homes.

Half-Opened Metering Valves

If your home water supply system uses a metering valve, you should check it to see if it is fully opened. A half-open metering valve can affect water pressure in your home, leading to sluggishness when filling sinks or taking a shower. The reason why it is vital to check the state of this shutoff metering valve is due to the fact that it is often neglected.

That mostly happens because it essentially is the water company’s property, and mainly their personnel inspect it. However, they can accidentally interfere with it during repairs or inspection tours. If they do so, the action could affect the water pressure in your home. Therefore, assess it to see if the valve is fully open. If not, ensure that you set it to the right position so that water flows freely without any interference or restriction.

Half-Open Main Valve

Besides the meter valve, your home has another main valve that controls water pressure. It is commonly located in the basement or another part of the house. However, it can sometimes be found outside. Although it is uncommon for this valve to be shut, your plumber might interfere with it during repairs.

If the plumber fails to reopen it fully after any repairs, it might be the reason behind the low water pressure in your home. Therefore, inspect this valve too to determine if it is the cause of the reduced water pressure. If it is half-open, fully open it up to restore the original water flow.

Failing Pressure Regulator

Your home water system has a pressure regulator that maintains pressure inside the pipes to an optimal amount to prevent damage to the lines. However, a fault in the regulator can amount to pressure reduction in your home. Therefore, you should make a point of inspecting it as well to determine if it is the cause of the decrease in water pressure. If you notice any faults, contact a pro to help you replace the regulator.

Leaking Pipes

Water pressure is maintained by maintaining a closed air-tight plumbing system. That way, the pressure is contained in a central place and directed to the endpoint: the tap, shower headed, or faucets. But what happens when there is a leakage in the plumbing? Water pressure is lost to that leak. Therefore, you should inspect your pipes for leakages if you notice a water pressure reduction in your home. It is fairly easy to detect a leak because water causes dampness in that area. You’ll see water in an unaccounted-for area.

It is advisable to talk to a plumber immediately to resolve the issue. The expert will assist you in sealing the leak and inspect the whole plumbing system to determine if other worn-out areas need repairs.

Corrosion and Clogging

Another major cause of reduced water pressure in most homes is corrosion or clogging inside the plumbing system. It mostly happens with old steel or metal pipes because they attract scale, corrosion, and rust buildup. If left unattended for a long time, the pipes end up narrowing, reducing water pressure into your home.

Since the process takes time, possibly decades, you’ll find such issues with old homes built long ago. Therefore, consider a full plumbing inspection to determine which pipes are corroded if you live in such a home. If you determine it to be the cause of low water pressure, you will have to work with an expert to replace the whole piping system. It is advisable to use plastic or copper pipes during the replacement process.

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