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Slow drains can be very frustrating. No one likes a sink or tub that drains so slowly that dirty water stands for several minutes before it finally disappears. Clogged drains can waste time, especially when several members of a household must use a sink or bathtub. The cause of clogging can be anything that restricts the flow of water through a drain, including substances that build up in pipes and objects that accidentally fall into a drain.

Let Works Plumbing & Rooter discuss everything that you need to know about clogging.

Signs of Clogging

Water that drains slowly and standing water in a sink or tub are obvious signs of a clog. When you observe a few inches of water around your ankles while taking a shower, your drain is clogged. In a double kitchen sink, when you remove the stopper from one sink, water may back up in the empty sink. Foul odors and gurgling sounds coming from drains are also signs that a pipe may be clogged.

Common Causes of Drain Issues

Hair is one of the top causes of drain clogs. Combing hair over a sink or washing hair in a shower or tub may seem harmless, but over time, hair builds up in pipes, causing blockages that won’t allow water to flow. The same is true for grease. Whether it’s cooking grease or oils from shampoo or skincare products, the build-up of gunk inside pipes can make it difficult for water to flow. Vegetation and roots can grow into outside pipes and block water flow. It can be challenging to determine the cause of your clogged drain without the help of a drain cleaning company.

Drain Cleaning from Works Plumbing & Rooter

Attempting to remove tough clogs using do-it-yourself methods can damage pipes and cause corrosion. You can do more damage and end up paying for repairs and drain cleaning. The best solution for clogged drains is to let a drain cleaning company take care of the problem. Works Plumbing & Rooter offers dependable drain cleaning services. We offer drain services in Pacifica, CA, and the surrounding areas using proven methods, including drain snaking and hydro jetting. We make sure to clear clogs while preventing damage to your pipes.

Drain snaking involves inserting a steel cable with a tip designed to grab and remove smaller clogs and objects from pipes. Hydro jetting involves injecting clean water under pressure into pipelines to loosen and remove large or tough clogs. Households and businesses needing drain services can count on us to evaluate clogs and determine the best way to remove them without damaging pipes.

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There is no need to be frustrated by a clog in your drain. The plumbing technicians at Works Plumbing & Rooter are highly skilled at providing drain cleaning services. Don’t risk damaging your pipes while trying to clear a drain. For drain services in Pacifica, CA, and the surrounding areas, Call us at 415-994-6227 to get professional drain cleaning services.




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