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Tree Roots in Sewer Pipe

When you think about the trees dotting your Pacifica property, you probably envision the shade, breeze, and other calming elements they provide. What you probably don’t consider is how much damage tree roots can cause to your underground sewer pipes. In addition to Pacifica, we serve South San Francisco, San Mateo, Redwood City, San Carlos, Highlands-Baywood Park, Hillsborough, Menlo Park, Daly City, and Palo Alto. When invasive tree roots start causing problems with your sewer lines, Works Plumbing. can offer a reliable solution.

Why Tree Roots Invade Sewer Pipes

Over time, sewer pipes can develop small cracks that send water into the surrounding soil. Tree roots are naturally attracted to moisture, and even roots located far from the sewer pipe can aggressively grow toward that new nutrient source. As the roots get close, they can force their way into the weakened section of the pipe and cause more extensive damage to the sewer line. If the tree roots aren’t properly removed from your sewer pipe, they could cause wastewater backups, stubborn clogs, and even a complete sewer pipe collapse. These problems can be costly and time-consuming, so instead of waiting for a bigger issue to develop, let Works Plumbing Inc. find and remove tree roots from your sewer pipes.

Signs You Have Tree Roots in Your Pacifica Sewer Pipes

It’s not easy to tell if tree roots have invaded your South San Francisco sewer pipes, but our expertly trained pipe repair professionals have the skills and tools to diagnose the source of your problem. First, we can visit your property and discuss the symptoms you’ve been noticing. Some common signs that you may have tree roots in your sewer pipes include low water pressure, leaks, slow drainage, and gurgling noises coming from your fixtures.

After discussing the issues plaguing your Pacifica sewer line, we can send our innovative sewer camera into your pipes. Our highly trained professionals can dig a small access hole, send the camera into your sewer pipe, and precisely navigate it through the line. The camera can easily rotate throughout the pipe, recording footage of the pipeline interior and sending it to a video monitor at ground level. Our sewer repair experts can watch the footage to pinpoint exactly where tree roots have invaded your sewer pipes and determine the overall severity of the problem.

How to Remove Tree Roots from Sewer Pipes

Once we know the extent of the problem, our knowledgeable team can begin a thorough tree root removal. We can use a powerful hydro jetting method to quickly and effectively remove tree roots from your sewer pipes. After sending the specialized hydro jetting hose into your Pacifica sewer pipes through the camera access hole, we can force highly pressurized water into the pipeline. As the water scours away the tree roots and other obstructions, it can flush the debris out of your Pacifica sewer pipe. Then, we can repair the damaged section of the pipe and leave you with a clean, clear, and fully functioning sewer line.

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