If you’re a homeowner, it’s likely that you’ve heard about other homeowners putting water softeners in their homes. This type of filtration system is ideal for removing high levels of magnesium and calcium that can cause hard water build-up. If you haven’t invested in one just yet, here are some of the top reasons that you really should consider doing so.

Healthier Skin

If you’re constantly washing in hard water, it suddenly becomes natural to have dry skin after getting out of the shower. You likely don’t bat an eye at needing to apply a lot of moisturizers to reduce irritation on your skin. In reality, a water softener can change your whole world. When high concentrations of minerals are removed from your water, it’s less harsh on your skin when it comes to washing and taking a shower.

Stronger and Shinier Hair

When you have hard water running into your shower, it can cause your hair to become brittle, dull, and damaged. Hard water is responsible for drying out your hair and can make it very difficult to get the shiny hair that you desire. Instead of wasting your money on purchasing the best moisture-infused shampoos and conditioners out there, The simple solution is likely to add a water softener to your home. When you have softer water coming out of your showerhead, it won’t cause damage to your hair. You’ll finally be able to get that shiny look that you want while enjoying stronger roots.

Softer and Cleaner Clothing

Just as softer water can have a big impact on your body, it can also have a major impact on your clothing. Hard water tends to leave mineral buildup on your clothing, which makes it very difficult for your detergent to cut through to thoroughly wash your clothes. Additionally, that mineral build-up can make your clothes feel stiffer. When you switch to softer water, you won’t have to deal with that stiff feeling, and your detergent is going to be able to reach all layers of your clothes to provide a thorough cleaning.

Better Tasting Water

It’s true that city water doesn’t typically taste as good as well water. This is due to the fact that city water treatment plants tend to add a lot of chemicals, which can make its mineral content on the higher side. This gives off a distinctive earthy taste when it comes to drinking the water because of the metals like iron that are in it. When you use a water softener, it helps to remove those unwanted minerals from the water. This can make it much fresher to taste and more likely that you’ll be able to drink your tap water on a regular basis

Easier on Your Home

If you sit and think for a minute about where all the water goes throughout your home, you realize that it affects a lot. From your piping and your showerhead to your faucets and your dishwasher, all of these places have the potential to accumulate hard water scaling. This can wreak havoc on a lot of the components of your home over time. When you soften your water with a water softener, it allows for less water scaling and buildup to occur. This means longer-lasting fixtures and appliances.

Longer Lifespan for Your Water Heater

When it comes to mineral buildup, one of the appliances in your home that has to deal with a lot of it is your hot water heater. While you may provide adequate maintenance by flushing your water heater every year, that mineral build-up is still taking a toll on it. On average, your water heater isn’t going to last as long when it’s constantly dealing with hard water as compared to dealing with soft water.

Less Scum Buildup

When your home has hard water, the scaling will occur on your piping fixtures. While it may be easy to think that that’s the only build-up that occurs, that’s simply not the case. When you have mineral build-up, it starts to snag other substances that are being flushed or rinsed down the drain. For example, hair and soap scum can adhere to the hard water buildup and create unwanted clogs throughout your pipes.

Helpful Water Softener Services

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