Signs Your Fixtures Need Repair

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Plumbing fixture problems can strike without warning and may cause considerable property damage if not addressed quickly by a professional plumber. At Works Plumbing, we recommend getting in touch with a plumber in Pacifica, CA, and nearby areas from our team to address the problem immediately.

Here are a few signs that could indicate that a call for plumbing repair services is in order:

• Fixtures that drip or run when not in use

• Clogged or slow-moving drains

• Water pooling behind the toilet or under the sink

• Unexplained wet spots or mold growth on floors, walls or ceilings

• Limited or no hot water

Common Fixture Issues

Many plumbing fixtures contain moving parts, and over time these parts wear out or break due to repeated use. A fixture that is damaged or broken may then start to drip, run constantly or not operate at all. A connection between a fixture and its related plumbing line may break due to age or misuse. Fixtures that feature drains and traps can become clogged with hair, grease and other debris that is impossible to remove without professional equipment. Water heater units and other plumbing fixtures also have an expected useful life after which time they may start to leak, lose efficiency or stop working altogether.

Why DIY Repairs Lead to More Problems

Professional plumbers receive training in their trade for months or even years in order to become equipped to handle plumbing repairs and maintenance tasks. Most homeowners simply don’t possess the knowledge, expertise or time to take on even a seemingly small-scale emergency plumbing repair. Plumbing work also often requires specialized tools, and many property owners don’t have ready access to the repair equipment that they need to properly tackle a plumbing job.

The crew at Works Plumbing has been providing professional plumbing services throughout Pacifica and in surrounding communities for two decades. Our established plumbing company is staffed by knowledgeable plumbers who have extensive experience with repairing toilets, showers, tubs, sinks, and water heaters. We’re capable of working on all major plumbing product brands, and we have hands-on expertise when it comes to fixing plumbing fixtures in homes of all ages. Our know-how isn’t limited to repairing only those plumbing fixtures that are easily visible: we’re equally skilled at tackling clogged drains and opening backed-up sewer lines. We only make use of quality parts and components from reputable product manufacturers. Our personnel also take great pride in the work that we do, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to deliver excellent customer service on every project, large or small.

Contact Our Team

Contact our family-run plumbing company today to schedule an appointment for routine plumbing services at your convenience or to request a consultation with Works Plumbing to deal with an emergency plumbing situation right away. You may reach us at 415-942-6227.




Guaranteed Plumbing Services

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our plumbing services, and a 90-day warranty on our work. When you hire Works Plumbing, you get the peace of mind that you will be served right.