Signs That You Need Water Line Replacement

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Your water main line delivers water to your home from the city’s water supply. It’s typically underground and it runs underneath your backyard. Obviously, your water main line is very important. After all, it supplies you with the water you use each day. Here are the signs that you need water line replacement San Mateo CA.

 1. Your have clogs a lot more than usual.

There’s no getting around it: everyone’s drains clog sometimes. When you have a clog, it’s usually because there is something inside the drain that is not supposed to be there. If all of your drains seem to clog all the time, you may have a more significant problem. For instnace, if there’s a clog further down in the water main line, it would restrict flow to all pipes. 

2. Your home has low water pressure. 

 Water pressure issues are similar to clog problems. If you experience water pressure issues in one fixture, then the fixture may be the problem. However, if you cannot get enough water pressure in every fixture, then you have a significant problem. House-wide clogs and water pressure issues often stem from the same source: a clog in the water main.

3. You suddenly have a pest problem.

Pests love humidity and moisture more than they love just about anything else. If insects start flocking to your house, it may be because your water main is leaking. When your water main leaks, all the water it wastes ends up somewhere else. Wherever the water goes, bugs will find it and begin using it. 

4. Your water comes out discolored.

Breaks in the water main don’t just let water out–they also let contaminants in. When water flows past leaks, it usually brings heavy metals, dirt, and debris along with it. These contaminants may discolor the water or make it taste or smell weird. If your water is discolored, call a pro right away. Nobody deserves rusty water.

Damaged water line? Solved. If you need water line replacement San Mateo CA, contact Works Plumbing & Rooter at today to schedule an appointment for water line replacement. We can replace your water line today. No one does a better job than Works Plumbing & Rooter!




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