Works Plumbing provides efficient and affordable hydro jetting services to Bay Area residential and commercial customers in Pacifica, CA. Hydro jetting is a widely used process that reliably removes clogs, buildup, and other accumulations from Northern California pipes.


Hydro jetting is a safe, efficient, environmentally friendly process that many homes and business owners use to clean out their pipes. If you are experiencing backups, low water pressure, slow drainage, or other symptoms associated with a pipeline blockage, our reputable plumbing technicians can visit your San Carlos home or office to begin the hydro jetting process.

To start, our skilled experts can determine a convenient location to dig a small cleanout access hole. The entry hole gives us easy and direct access to your pipes. Through the hole, we can insert a specialized hose. As the hose carefully snakes through your pipes, it remains connected to a tank of clean water on the ground. When our technicians turn on the water, a multi-directional nozzle on the hose can rapidly spin around the send the high-pressure water throughout your pipeline. The water can scour away clogs, debris, and other obstructions and flush them out of your pipes.

Works Plumbing team members are expertly trained to determine the correct amount of pressure that your pipes can withstand. As the top plumber in Pacifica, CA, and nearby areas, we ensure thorough drain services in the local area. Throughout the entire hydro jetting process, we closely monitor the progress and make adjustments as needed. Cleaning your Pacifica pipes precisely, effectively, and safely is extremely important to us, which means you can trust that the quality and structural integrity of your San Mateo area pipes will never be compromised.


Hydro jetting is an extremely reliable and effective drain cleaning solution, but only if it’s used in conjunction with professional video camera inspection services. Sending the hydro jetting hose into your pipes blindly would be irresponsible because if your pipes are aging, deteriorating, or have the poor overall condition, hydro jetting could cause more damage. To guarantee that your pipes can withstand hydro jetting services, we utilize our high-resolution camera.

Before hydro-jetting, we can send our waterproof camera into your pipes. The camera records live footage of your pipeline interior and send it to monitors that our knowledgeable professionals can watch. The footage gives us insight into the condition of your pipes and shows us precise locations of clogs, invading tree roots, corrosion, scale buildup, and other debris. The camera is an excellent inspection tool and can prepare us for effective drain cleaning services in Pacifica, CA, and nearby areas. Video camera inspections are also helpful after hydro jetting to make sure that all obstructions were completely removed. Using camera inspections as part of a high-quality hydro-jetting service helps home and business owners feel confident that their pipes are clean and ready to perform at optimal levels for many years to come.


Our team services Pacifica, South San Francisco, San Mateo,  Redwood City, San Carlos, Highlands-Baywood Park, Hillsborough, Menlo Park, Daly City, and Palo Alto. In addition, we will service the areas of Montara, Moss Beach, Miramar, El Granada, and Half Moon Bay. Our hydro jetting and camera inspection services can quickly and accurately locate and remove blockages from your pipes. Schedule an appointment online or give our team a call to check on your clogged drain or to provide drain snaking.


Guaranteed Plumbing Services

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our plumbing services, and a 90-day warranty on our work. When you hire Works Plumbing, you get the peace of mind that you will be served right.