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Water Heater Services in San Mateo, CA

When you need water heater repair or installation, contact Works Plumbing right away. We can send a plumber in San Mateo, CA, from our team to assess your current unit’s condition. We can repair or install the water heater or even provide you a new unit if your old water heater is in poor condition. We even offer emergency plumbing assistance for all our customers.

Water Heater Options from Works Plumbing

A traditional hot water heater might start leaking, lose its heating element, or have pip damage. We can seal leaks in some cases, or we might need to check the heating element because it does not heat the water properly. If the tank is leaking too much, we need to replace it. In addition, we might find that your water heater is the wrong size for the house.

We can do a tankless water heater installation when you want to save space and money. Tankless water heaters can be hung on the wall in your utility closet, and they do not waste water or heat while heating your shower, sink, or dishwasher. These heaters are fed with modern hoses that are very durable, and we can quickly service the tankless water heater during an annual appointment.

Works Plumbing also offers Navien water heaters, high-quality options at reasonable prices. We will measure the house to determine how big your water heater should be, or we can change the location of the water heater. When we install a tankless water heater, we can shift its position in the utility closet to save space, and we can use a smaller water heater tank when you are downsizing.

We offer water heater repair and other water heater services in the San Mateo area. We can repair or replace the tank. We can install a tankless water heater or check for overflow on your tank. We can even build a rack for the overflow tank to prevent catastrophic damage to the pipes, and we can change the pipes for the tank to make sure that they are not strained.

We will check the pipes around a broken hot water heater to verify if they are made from the proper materials. Some water heater pipes are in poor condition, and we will need to replace those pipes when we repair the water heater. In addition, we can add new hoses or pipes to the heater that will prove to be reliable.

Get in Touch With Us

Consult Works Plumbing today when you have issues with your water heater. You might have noticed that the water in your house does not flow properly. You may not get hot water at all, or you may hear leaks near the water heater. We offer emergency services if your water heater breaks in the middle of the night, and we provide free estimates to all customers. Call the top plumber in San Mateo, CA, and nearby areas at 415-942-6227 or fill out our contact form.


Guaranteed Plumbing Services

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our plumbing services, and a 90-day warranty on our work. When you hire Works Plumbing, you get the peace of mind that you will be served right.