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We offer water heater repairs and service in the local area when you need a new tank, looking to change systems, or experience an emergency. We can install a tankless hot water heater or repair your existing heater. We offer both traditional and tankless water heater systems because we want you to have as many options as possible.

Top Water Heater Choices from Works Plumbing

A traditional hot water heater uses a big tank to hold all the water while it is heated. These tanks provide a certain amount of water for the house based on the size of the house. When you have a leak in the tank, you should contact us immediately for help.

A tankless water heater forces water into a small box that heats the water instantly. We can handle a tankless water heater installation, replace your old heater, or explain why your water heaters break down so quickly. Tankless water heaters save space, and these heaters do not waste water while heating up.

We can also provide you with Navien water heaters for your home right now. As a top plumber in Pacifica, CA, we will explain which services you need. We will inspect the system and make a recommendation based on our findings. We keep your costs as low as possible, and the work does not begin until you have approved the estimate.

We will measure your home to help you choose the appropriate heater, and we will explain why your current heater may be the wrong size. If you want us to use a tankless water heater, we can change the position of the heater, help you save space in the utility closet, and use modern hoses that are very reliable.

Our Water Heater Services

We take pride in providing a full suite of water heater services in Pacifica, CA. When you need broken water heater repair, we can send someone to your home immediately. We will check for clogs in your hoses or pipe to make sure that the heating element is functional. We can check the temperature gauge on the heater all the valves that feed the devices.

We can replace pipes around your heater if they are in poor condition, or we can replace the tank when it is no longer functional. Additionally, we will check the overflow tank for the heater. If the tank does not have a mount or stand, we can build one to prevent any damage to the system

Consult Our Team Today

When you have a broken hot water heater, be sure to call us as soon as possible. We can check the heater, fix the problem, or replace the heater when needed. We can replace your traditional heater with a tankless heater, and we can downsize your tank if the original heater was too big. As the trusted plumber in Pacifica, CA, and the surrounding areas, Works Plumbing makes sure that we address your needs promptly and efficiently. Call us at 415-942-6227 or fill out the contact form on this site.


Guaranteed Plumbing Services

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our plumbing services, and a 90-day warranty on our work. When you hire Works Plumbing, you get the peace of mind that you will be served right.