Imagine this very plausible scenario. You go on a long, relaxing vacation and return home feeling recharged and refreshed, but when you open the door of your home, you’re struck by the unpleasant and unmistakable smell of mildew. Unbeknownst to you, a pipe sprang a leak while you were away. Now, your entire basement is flooded and filled with mold. This is not the homecoming you were looking forward to. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common scenario that homeowners encounter. It’s also one that can be avoided through the right planning and preparation.

At Works Plumbing, we know how stressful it is to have a plumbing emergency. We also want you to be able to relax and fully enjoy your travels. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide on why it’s so important to shut off your water when you go on vacation.

1. Avoid a Potential Disaster

To put it simply, the two most destructive forces in your home are fire and water. Even a small amount of water can ruin drywall, flooring and furniture while causing a mold infestation. It can also introduce the hazard of electrocution if it interacts with your home’s electrical system. Water damage can come from a number of sources: burst pipes, leaky appliances, failed sump pumps and many others.

To avoid coming back to a swampy, mildewed home, simply turn off the water at the main valve before you leave for your trip. After the main is switched off, be sure to drain any leftover water by opening your taps and faucets. This will ensure that no water is left in the pipes in case of an emergency while you’re gone.

2. Avoid Costly Repairs

Even with your homeowner’s insurance, repairing a water-damaged residence can be incredibly costly. Fixing the plumbing, cleaning up the water and replacing any damaged furniture all need to be factored into the final price. And if your plumbing disaster happens to produce mold, you’ll also need to pay for mold remediation. Some flooded homes require new electrical work as well. All in all, the cost of restoring your home to its pre-flood state can easily run to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

At this point, you may ask yourself if standard insurance covers water damage repairs. The answer is yes and no. Some insurance policies cover this type of damage, but some policies stipulate that they won’t cover costs if your water supply was not shut off. Even if the insurance company does cover its share of the costs, you may be waiting weeks or months for the payout. The quickest and most affordable solution is to avoid this sort of damage in the first place by shutting down your water while you travel.

At Works Plumbing, we’ll do our best to perform plumbing repairs for your Pacifica home that align with your budget — but we’d prefer that you don’t need them!

3. Avoid Stress and Inconvenience

Depending on the extent of the damage, you may have to stay somewhere other than your home while repairs take place. Water damage can be extremely unsafe. Spores from mold and mildew can be toxic and cause respiratory issues and neurological distress. Electrical wiring that has come into contact with water can shock you or trigger an electrical fire. Staying at a hotel stacks an additional cost on top of an already large pile of repair bills.

Of course, the sad truth is that some things can’t be replaced with money. Family heirlooms and prized possessions destroyed by water are never coming back. The only way to protect them is by preventing a plumbing emergency from ever taking place.

Your Trusted Plumbers in Pacifica

The next time you’re planning a trip and ask yourself, “Should I go on vacation without turning off the water?” remember to answer that question with a resounding, “No way!” Once you know how to do it, turning your home’s water supply on and off is simple. It’s certainly easier, quicker and cheaper than having to repair broken pipes and clean standing water out of your house.

However, if anything does happen to your plumbing in or near Pacifica, you can count on us at Works Plumbing. Our plumbers are trained experts who know exactly how to diagnose and repair any plumbing issue. Not only do we provide reliable installations and repairs of water pipes, lines and fixtures, but we also repair gas lines as well. You can also rely on us for camera inspections, drain cleaning and water heater service. For many years, we’ve been the plumbers Pacifica trusts. Find out why by giving us a call today.

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